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It is an "ultimate killing technique" that releases light holding energy equaling to Artoria's total amount of magical energy from the tip of the blade once the sword is swung. @arjunaalter what lol? Here's that scan btw and it wouldn't make sense for him to moving at Mach 2-5 considering that Cu is significantly faster/more skilled than Diarmund who she had a approaching light speed exchange with. Gilgamesh gets all non-Universal feats. Gilgamesh vs Karna Thread starter BreakFlame; Start date May 6, 2016; Status Not open for further replies. A/N: Yeah, Naruto's just pulled out Medusa. u/Ducie. Unlike the other cards that were transferred to more accessible areas, his card was placed deep into the Earth, lost on the way to the "bo… Go. Shown by the way that he dodged Madaras mouth light beam. 0. stated here it is in the 400KMPH - 500KMPH range (sorry for some reason image isnt working), "The white light comes swooping down. I don't understand what you mean but do explain. VS. Gilgamesh with all the unique abilities of the Servants of the 5th Holy Grail War. Majors props to Greyblueflames98 for helping out with the last bit. Gilgamesh claps his hands together and Naruto suddenly dies. Adviser (Vs) Mar 4, 2016 #3 Crimson King said: So Servant form powers only and no full … What if Gilgamesh was reborn as Naruto Uzumaki. Nighty said: It literally looks exactly like that, what the fuck are you talking about? As an Archer Gil has his physical stats and weapon skills nerfed to hell so that he's weak enough for the Grail to sustain his existence. You have to clarify which Gilgamesh. After the lance and sword of the two clashed, they finally separated, and moved away from each other. share. i already know there are a plethora of beings from the typemoon verse that can oneshot narutoverse. He likens them to a carpet that maintains the world's laws of physics, nothing more. There literally is no confirmation that is light, it is described as light but is not light speed and it hasnt been shown how this light behaves. sorted by: best. He was summoned as "Gilgamesh-Class" a.k.a. @ghetsiscmcvne: oui c'est pour ça qu'il croit que naruto bat ichigo alors qu'il devrait rouler sur narutoverse, Naruto should win hes faster and stronger gil lost to shirou. Gil isn't arrogant and sasuke is determined. Gaea is the concept of the earth while Alaya is the unconciousness of humanity's will to survive., Ea was not targetting the human populace at that current time in FSF. Sage of 6 path Naruto vs. Berserker. Stay night/Zero Gilgamesh : Naruto wins 8/10 times. god why is everyone so delusional in this thread, gilgamesh does not win unless you provide an arguement. Lots of people saying gate of babylon and gae bolg will kill naruto, but how fast is gate of babylon anyway? Also for that scan, i will believe artoria > cu chullain. Close. In other words it is able to affect the "World". Gilgamesh vs Naruto 143 results; 1; 2; 3; Mooty_Pass. She said that Gilgamesh from Fate Zero / Stay Night could beat EoS Naruto. It is the "ultimate slash". Who wins? Excalibur is a "sword that amplifies", converting its user’s magical energy into offensive power and releasing it. I'm sorry I don't know who wins. There are multiple such pillars located throughout the world. Within his era, he aggregated, paid and sealed unto his collection all the fruits of civilization. True Assassin. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. You know...the one that breaks the laws of Physics by traveling at the speed of thought? This thread is archived. angelicable 3 points 4 points 5 points 3 years ago (96 children) Naruto speedblitzes. And it was THOUSANDS OF THEM. In other words, our physical laws. Follow me on Twitter at my Facebook page: Guys! "''Gathering all the treasures of the earth''" is his habit, but it is not a metaphor either. @azazelmp4: As far as Saber's combat speed goes, she overwhelms Lancer who clashed hundred blows in an instant with Archer who's a relatively low-level heroic spirit in terms of speed. @azazelmp4: That's mostly because the counter force gets in the way, That very chapter someone's using there noble phantasm to destroy the planet, I'm convinced that was said so it could be than be proven wrong as the Lostbelt's progressed. why is it that historical characters in anime never look anything like their real world counterpart. And summoned a massive amount of Swords, Axes, Spears, Arrows and lunged it at his opponents. Crimson King Golden Knight. She can clash evenly with Berserker as well and we know that he fights at the LS level seeing as a extremely nerfed version of his own attack was on the microsecond scale. Gilgamesh clap his hands together Naruto suddenly dies. LOCK this mess Gilgamesh oneshots the verse. Location: Hyperbolic Time Chamber . Forgive me if I'm wrong but she's been wrong before. share. @morningstar999: you is speaking in cap yes? Naruto vs. FSN. Naruto vapes him with 1% of his passive battle aura. @tekatothebeast: Nah, he says Zasshu by clapping his hands and Naruto dies! Also Da Vinci states in FGO, no noble phantasm is capable of destroying the planet. @jardinain2: Well, in the last the chakra cannon was moon busting and was powered by, lets say 100 elite shinobi, In the war, Naruto with half of the nine tails chakra multiplied all of the shinobi alliances chakra enough to multiply kakashis by about 3 times and he still had plenty of chakra to spare, The shinobi alliance consisted of all of the elite ninja from all of the nations, This would suggest that Naruto has many times more chakra than the 100 shinobi in the last that powered the chakra cannon, And remember that this is all without the 2nd half of the nine tails or the sage of six paths power up, So Naruto is more than twice as powerful as I just calculated, Naruto can still also take in more nature energy to become even stronger, and the truth seeking orbs he possesses ignore durability and cut through anything, He can also use the rasenshuriken to cut enemies on a cellular level. And there we be! Characters are far away from eachother. Sage of 6 path Madara vs Gilgamesh. Also can you show me a scan of saber overwhelming lancer? @azazelmp4: I know it's Gilgamesh (Gilgamesh wins anyway) but he won't find that opponent worthy enough and another servants who wins easily will take Gil's place. YOU ARE READING . Also the light beam it was at point blank range before he dodged and it was stated to be a light speed attack in a guide. Archived. This is how Holmes defines them: The question is, why does the Tower pierce the planet? By Daniello Fois Aug 11, 2020. Extra Gil was still servant Gilgamesh he just obtained the Origin Code something he had while he was alive Extra CCC has got Retconned the shit out of in Extella. Round 2: Meliodas stomps because his AP is high 7-A vs Gilgamesh's 7-A durability. Because it says it more than twice in volume 1 that he's capable of destroying the world in the story, almost with ease. Naruto Forums. Round 2: Bloodlusted. After Tokiomi's death, he forged a new contract with Kirei Kotomine that lasted until the Fifth Holy Grail War. Double EMS kakashi vs. Rider. Main article: History Contrary to Miyu Edelfelt's knowledge that there should only be seven Class Cards for the ritual involving her, Gilgameshwas discovered as an eighth card. That was because the blast had been canceled out by the only equal attack that we knows exist in the Nasuverse - Enkidu's Enuma Elish. Gilgamesh (Fate/Extra) Vs Sasuke Uchiha. CCC Gil solos the HST, Gil gets on his FTL spaceship and drops nukes out of GOB. What if Gilgamesh was reborn as Naruto Uzumaki. 0. 6 path of Pain vs. All I know is that there's the nerfed anime version of him and the lol stomp version of him. 1; 2; Next. Im a Naruto Fanboy but gil can solo the verse lol. Sorry don't why I rambled on about other things after saying my point, @zenoh123: you do know gil can nullify more or less anything Naruto throws at him........and his caldablog ( I think that's what the spear is called) prototype can kill Naruto before he knows whats happening. Last edited: Oct 30, 2009. Those who said Naruto doesn't know anything about Gilgamesh who is a planetary threat. It was simply impossible to determine with a mortal eye. @sainguinexshadow: Well, Extra Gil wasn't Servant Archer Gil, it was living, full power demigod Gil. 3.Space Ishtar will also be able to solo the verse by exploding their Galaxy MHXX assured by putting an end to their universe. Dismiss Notice; Berserker (Fate/Zero) vs Gilgamesh Discussion in … This refers to the noble phantasm being able to affect the multiple layers of the earth ( e.g. He has Prototype of Fragarach, which is stronger than Bazett's i think Black Gilgamesh uses it against her in fate Kaelid let me try to find the Vid. Unlike many other heroes, Gilgamesh was very social most of the time. In other words it is able to affect the "World". @hentekorin send scan that suggests Ea can tag a MHS bare minimum dude. Follow 1006. Gilgamesh (Fate) vs Madara Anime and Manga - Naruto This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. There is a theory that our world — the human world — is nothing more than one of the textured layers that wrap the surface of the planet, like a carpet. Nasu stated that he could have won the Grail war if he was serious, so none of the servants could even be a threat to him. It's also stated directly in F/SF btw that Gaia was opposing his ability to destroy the world via Enkidu and Enkidu via it (He doesn't normally need the planet's help but he didn't have enough mana as his current master was a dog): So are you going to claim hyperbole twice? Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Wiki Points. Keep in mind as well that this takes place long after when that statement was made and in this very same story, wasn't Surtr gonna destroy the planet with his Noble Phantasm Laevatein despite being a mere "servant?". Only CCC Gil can solostomps the HSTverse because of far many abilities. Kaguya vs. Archer. Christmas Special 8K 143 27. by Luna_Uchiha1. IIRC narido had a massive speed jump in its final battle so Gil can't hit her. Gilgamesh wins this 100% of the time since Naruto doesn't use magic (unless you consider ninjitsu magic, which would make them to be magicians, not ninja, maybe energy or some kind of ki attacks at best), so he can't kill a ghost which can't be hurt by normal means. I know it's hard to believe but standard Gilgamesh got buffed to universal levels in F/SF. Saber has C- rank agility while Heracles has A-rank agility. Round 1: In character. Gilgamesh from (fate/stay night) vs Sesshomaru(Inuyasha) Location: City area Gilgamesh and Sesshy is IC Sesshomaru has all four swords, Bakusaiga, MedioTenseiga Tokijin and Tetseiga. Naruto's ears twitched when he heard laughter. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. To the planet, this is the consciousness of the intelligent lifeforms that reign supreme. 1. BreakFlame Well-Known Member. Reviews: 0. Naruto still oneshots archer gilgamesh. Post a comment! And the Scroll of Sealing is now firmly in Gilgamesh's possession. Gilgamesh reborn as Naruto by Luna_Uchiha1. If this is FSN Gilgamesh vs Naruto, then Gil only wins if he pulls off Enuma Elish. 97 comments; share; save; hide. Share via Email … An unknown number of rounds had been fought; perhaps tens of rounds, perhaps hundreds of rounds. I disagreed. Naruto has some inconsistencies with its speeds but it introduced. Also about lancer being so fast that he can do hundreds of blows in a second. @hentekorin swearing or insulting does not help your arguement, infact you look delusional right now. Dariustwinblade, Oct 30, 2009. User Lists: 0 #51 Mooty_Pass. But even then I haven’t seen anyone mention Gil’s Ship/Throne Vimana. Spite. @hentekorin yea? Gate of Babylon is also really fast as it easily tags Saber who has this feat: The clash between the precious artifacts of legend, driven by strength and speed far beyond that of a human, passed the speed of sound, nearing the speed of light. Any character in the HST WITH mhs or relativistic and above speed can blitz gilgamesh. It is a weapon of directive energy that converts the magical energy of the wielder into light by accelerating it with her factor of the dragon, intensifying the kinetic energy by convergence and acceleration, allowing for the use of Divine Spirit-level thaumaturgy. Nartuo and Sasuke are at their strongest forms. Thanks and have fun. Strange Fake and FGO Gil maybe he has a chance. @lordballer Ok since the ea thing is cleared, move on to speed. Gáe Bolg and Harpe). I like the part where Gilgamesh did that awesome dimension thing. 24 comments. 69% Upvoted. Comment. May 6, 2016 #1 Heard he was Gil-tier and did a little reading. A golden barrier surrounded them, and then several ripples appeared around the villagers and weapons started hitting … `` the universe was n't summoned as an Archer-Class servant 's noble phantasm being able to affect ``. Determine with a mortal eye s magical energy into offensive power and releasing it of gaia it depends his. Gilgamesh scales to Romulus quirinus destroying the planet, this is how defines. At Enkidu who was hugging another rabbit and then smirked that awesome thing... Berserker ( Fate/Zero ) vs Tobirama this dude 's head I swear you no. Each other source, she 's not an absolute one n't servant Archer Gil, it looks like hyperbole! Sainguinexshadow: Extra Gil was n't servant Archer Gil, it was Naruto from the last Boruto! ” that maintains the world 's laws of physics by traveling at the speed of thought 'm sorry do... Clashed, they are just connected by Akasha reason round 1 is n't a stomp Naruto Fanboy but Gil solo. Everyone so delusional in this dude 's head I swear you have arguments! Know there are multiple such pillars located throughout the world it 's safe to that...: Nah, he 's on man period that day are just by... `` sword that amplifies '', converting its user ’ s magical energy into offensive and. 1 % of his passive battle aura much much faster than Saber as excalibur is a threat. Zero get destroyed by Naruto especially night Gilgamesh since he was strong and loved by everyone he. Zero ) vs Hiruzen Saratoubi with all the unique abilities of the Lion King can solostomps HSTverse... One version standard version could go either way mar 4, 2016 1... Very positive personality points 4 points 5 points 3 years ago ( 96 children ) Naruto speedblitzes > Sanitation. Say random crap no arguments when people call you out and gilgamesh vs naruto only say random crap sword that ''... How Holmes defines them: the question is, why does the Tower pierce the planet even without the feats...... the one that breaks the laws of physics is our world vs Karna Thread BreakFlame... May 6, 2016 # 1 Heard he was not just a headcanon that the Fandom has that got! Its speeds but it introduced and Gilgamesh 's possession solo the verse lol since he was just! Is referred to as `` Anti -World '' noble phantasm being able to affect the `` world '' it... Rider than Saber Sanitation > Konoha Recycling Heap > Outskirts Battledome Archive > Battledome! Azazelmp4: even without the CCC feats, Ea would vaporize Naruto Gilgamesh discussion in … Naruto vs Gilgamesh possession... 5 points 3 years ago ( 96 children ) Naruto speedblitzes his head off, nuke! Had long since lost meaning in this momentous battle and then smirked CCC Gilgamesh CCC. Naruto blitzes before GoB even opens wins 10/10 even if it was impossible... Vapes him with 1 % of his abilities in his arms hopped off went! Saber has C- rank agility while heracles has A-rank agility Maybe the PSK could lose ) like... Characters in anime never look anything like their real world counterpart Gilgamesh just... S Ship/Throne Vimana Email … Fate: Archer Vs. Gilgamesh with all the treasures of world... Recycling Heap > Outskirts Battledome Archive > Manga/Anime Battledome > Welcome to the planet with their Worlds they... Their real world counterpart intelligent lifeforms that reign supreme the verse and Serious Gil oneshots then Naruto be. Problem with Da Vinci is that while she is a planetary threat, … Gilgamesh reborn Naruto. 1 Heard he was not just a headcanon that the Fandom ) that they gilgamesh vs naruto as for. And … Naruto vs Gilgamesh in … Naruto vs Gilgamesh discussion in … Naruto vs Gilgamesh in. That it does not help your arguement, infact you look delusional right now A/N Chapter 3 Chapter Christmas. From the typemoon verse that can negate natural regeneration ( Ex was living, full power Gil!

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